I. B. M. Personal Computer and Macintosh Networking

I. B. M. Personal Computer and Macintosh Networking

English | 1988 | ISBN: 0672484056 | 288 Pages | PDF | 16.3 MB

The IBM PC and the Apple Macintosh are the world's most popular personal computers, each offering unique workstyles and advantages. It was inevitable that businesses would want to connect the two in a network to share files, storage, and printers. IBM PC and Macintosh Networking tells you how to do just that - and do it painlessly. The author discusses two software/ hardware product combinations that allow the PC and the Macintosh to be networked. These two products - TOPS and AppleShare with AppleShare PC - provide two different approaches to the problem.

This book helps you select the PC/Macintosh network that's right for you and lets you implement that network to its greatest advantage. IBM PC and Macintosh Networking not only tells how the IDM and the Macintosh are different - it also tells why they are different In these pages, you'lllearn the capabilities of both TOPS and AppleShare software; details of the transfer of spreadsheet, word processing, and database files from one format to another; how to create the most efficient fil es and share printers and external diskd rives. The author even explains the use of TOPS or AppleShare on a Macintosh-only IAN or PC-only IAN. Make the most of your PC and Macintosh power. Read this book before you invest in a networking system.



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